Where do I report bugs in teams?

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This page doesn't tell me: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/feedback. Uservoice seems to be for feature requests. I have a reproducable bug to report.

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Can you share the bug here so I can help you on reporting to the proper people in the Team?
In Teams press the Feedback button at the bottom left, then it'll go straight to the Teams support team. That or report through your admin center.

The bug: Inline code only works once per line in the Wiki


In Team create a new Wiki page. To reproduced type the following:


Here is some `some` code and some more `code`.


Result: Only the first back-tick section gets highlighted in the code style.

Expected: Both sections get highlighted in the code style


Hi Stephen Collier. The link in Team for Feedback just takes you to the uservoice page for 'ideas' not bugs.

Also I don't know what you mean by 'admin center'

So I don't think the production deployment ring has the 'Report a problem' capability we do.


@Rebecca Valdivia What is the preferred way to report a bug for someone on ring 4?

@David Rosenthal- is there any update on this? I'm our company Teams admin and I've got a few bugs to report, but nowhere to do it from. This blog seems like the only way to report anything for Teams. Can we get this built into the Teams UI?

I use Teams successfully all day on my work computer (running windows 10). And until very recently have been using the ios Teams App on my iPhone 6s (ios version 12.1) . But this week it disconnected me and I can't get logged back in. I've tried updating the app, deleting the app, sending myself a link from my work computer to my mobile. Nothing works. Is this a known bug? What do I need to do to get it working again?






Try typning your mailaddress , when it asks for password - click ”login with a different account” - then type the same account and password! If it asks if its a personal or Office 365, choose the one you use
Normally you can report a bug from the iOS teams client itself! But it’s hard if you can’t get in :)
Hi KipperSloan,

I would recommend what Adam has suggested, but you can also email


For support and feedback specifically regarding the Teams IoS application

Best, Chris

The note section in tasks are self deleting. This needs to stop. Our team cannot function without a proper relay of information.


@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Teams have major bug,  I sent some file to my teams friends, now present file name and older file name same, so other team friends, same name file can see my last send file, its lack of privacy.

Uninstall Teams on Mobile and install again. After that, I login automatically (perhaps user/pass is cached). It's ok?

@July25 if you uninstall this app, so how should you log in. Why system cache your credential. 

‌‌‌‌‌@sarah abraham :lol::lol:

There is a bug in mobile app. Whenever you call setup a call in teams using pc. The same call is not accessible through teams app.many of friends are facing the same issue.please look in to it
Hi Team,
I have found issue, that mobile app and web app and browser version are not in sync. If user is online in mobile and people viewing in web version the user status will be away or offline.
Thank you