Where do deleted messages and/or conversations go in Teams?

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We're rolling out Teams this week, and a question came up that I wasn't able to find the answer for... 


When someone deletes a message or a conversation in Teams, where does it go? Is it just hidden and recoverable? Does it remain in some file or folder somewhere in the site? Does it get deleted with a "recycle bin" concept applied to it? Or... is it permanently gone once you delete it?


I don't know that it's a huge deal for us, but I'd like to answer the question for the business if I can...

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Hey Thomas,

When you delete a message, it does indeed go into the Recycle bin for 30 days (which both messages and teams can be restored from by the team owner or admin). After that, it is permanently deleted. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/delete-a-team-c386f91b-f7e6-400b-aac7-8025f74f8b41 

Mmm...you can recover a Team for the Recycle Bin, but not a message AFAIK...when you delete a message you have the ability to undo the delete action but once the message is permanently deleted, you cannot recover it...however, Teams messages are captured for compliance purposes so you still have a chance to recover it

@Juan Carlos González Martín is correct, the article mentioned refers to the deletion of a team -- not to the deletion of a message. Deleted messages can only be recovered by the message author (who is also the only one who can delete it). However, I'm not sure how long messages can be recovered.


Note: For compliance -- if enabled -- all messages will be stored in our compliance database

Note 2: In EDU tenants team owners can delete messages from students (see documentation)


@Thomas BinderI know this is an old post, just came through though. Wanted to know how to review the deleted message in referenced compliance database?

@Sam-HH - look into the "Content Search" and "eDiscovery"



Is there a way to find out who deleted the conversation? 

@Michael Holste Hi , I have a question, 


I was calling one of my contacts on teams with no answer, and by mistake I forgot to hang up the call and aparently te voicemail of my contact  recorded about 7 minutes of private - house conversations, and now I am very worried about what could have been recorded.


Is there anywhere to listen the recodings that my computer left on my contact svoicemail?

I reaally need to know what was recorded, thanks!

Would you kindly give us a step by step guideline on how to recover a deleted message from the Posts area of Microsoft Team? Thanks

hi what are you doing today


How can I undo it? Thank you!
Thanks for the clarification. Also, is there a storage location where the deleted chat data get stored? Or as the first question in the thread says, it's just hidden and can be recovered from the the Compliance center via eDiscovery search?