Where are stored Teams Live Event recordings?

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Hi Guys,

Where are stored Teams Live Event recordings?


I can download it from teams, but where are they stored?

I check in Microsoft Stream but they aren't there.



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All recordings by default go to the Discover / My Content > Videos for the All Company.

If you have a Teams produced Live event then you can restrict it to Organizer / Producer / Presenter by unchecking the make recording available to attendee's box when setting up the event and this will put it in video's for those individuals for download or further sharing / publishing.

So if you were the producer / presenter you should see them, if you were not then it's possible that they didn't have this turned on, but it should be if it was made available in the Team.

If it was just a normal Meeting perhaps? It could be under My Content > Meetings in stream possible.

Hi @Chris Webb 

I can't find  Video for all Company



But I can download it from Teams



Where are physically stored? Sharepoint?

Why I can't see it on stream?



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@chiprule I know this is really late, but I got to this question by Googling the same thing and thought I should answer for the next person.  By default these are in your standard Windows Downloads folder -- but if it's redirected, you can click the Files icon in the left-hand column, then Downloads, then the Open Downloads Folder button to find it.


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@chiprule Hi when you run a live event from Microsoft Teams the event is created and stored in Azure Media services and not stored in Stream. The organiser can download the recording after the event and upload to Stream if required.  Microsoft reference

@chiprule I know this is really late, but I got to this question by Googling the same thing and thought I should answer for the next person.

Your thought helped me. THANKS



If the recordings aren't available in Streams you may find them another way. I went back into my Teams calendar and double-clicked on the completed/closed Teams Live event. If you scroll down within the event box you will see Manage Live Event Resources. Open that link and you will see three arrows to download the Recording, the Q&A session, and the attendee engagement report (assuming they were all turned on prior to the Live Event.) If you download the recording it will begin downloading an MP4 file to your default downloads folder on your local computer. As an example, my 52 minute meeting was downloaded to my local PC and was 545 MB in size.


My Teams Live Event was recorded. When people click the original link, they see the recording. I want to slightly trim the recording, to remove a couple of minutes of silence from the beginning. How do I do that ? I know how to edit a video, but I can't find the location where I need to upload the edited version to, so that it replaces the original version.

we organized a live event on April 9, 2021. At the end of the event, the video did not appear, it had to appear when opened in the calendar "Live event resources" in order to download it .
After passing On April 12, 2021, we tried to create a new live event and no video appeared after it ended.
Today I saw on the calendar that there is already a video of the 12-day event information , but on the 9th day of the event there is still no record, although when you click on the link for that event you can see a video on teams aplication, but cant download it.