Where are my channels in TEAMS?

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I just opened my personal ms teams and I can't see any channels nor teams. Are they only on the paid versions? If not how can I get them?


I have attached a pic of what i only have there.


Thanks a lot if anyone could help me. 



Anna Screenshot 2022-09-01 at 1.15.22 PM.png

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Hi, there are no teams or channels in Teams for personal use :)

Hello, @annananning, as far as this article states, you have the possibility to use channels and teams in the free version.


Concerning your issue, you can first let the user open a web browser to check whether this issue happens on that team in the Teams web app.


As the owner, in the team, go to Manage team > Channels, recheck the "Show for me" and "Show for members". And try to create a new channel in that team to see if this problem persists for him/her.


If this does not help, try to find your answer in this thread. One more suggestion is to read more documentation on Microsoft Teams recovery process.

Hi, the creation of ”classic” Teams free has been discontinued as far as I know and I suppose they need to remove that article. But it’s true, using that you have teams and channels.