When will it be done?;Roadmap 72211:Pairing the channel and the corresponding SharePoint folder name

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Does Anybody in dev-team from MS know what is going on this issue ?!?!?!??!

On the Roadmap page, the noted GA time keeps being delayed and delayed..

( It is now the end of May 2022 ! )
Plus, there was no sign of any progress at all 


I and my team really need this issue be resolved... 

Or, at least, let me know why it takes so long..

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@wonho What benefit would there be in knowing why? Do you think any of us would understand how the internal workings operate?


Typically in these cases during the roll out they found an issue, it then takes time for that issue to be resolved and released before rollout will restart. Features that need co-ordination between Teams and SharePoint product groups sometimes take longer, two schedules to consider.

@wonho This is from the most recent Message center post.


  • Timing: mid-May (previously mid-April) through mid-June (previously mid-May)

Thanks for the comment, Steven.

That's just because - as a user who has been waiting for this issue resolved for a long time - i would've been being patient if I knew why..
And I also thought there might be MS people who can answer.

It delayed more than three times as I remember. ( Dec 2021, Feb, Apr, and May 2022)
I thought this issue gets done by this month. and now I had to wait and endure another month( or several months) with unmatched Teams Channel vs Sharepoint folder name.

Is there an Update - mid June is done - and no change - hopefully the guys would work on it.

This DOES appear to be inching forward. Latest update says it in the rolling out phase with general availability in July (fingers crossed!).

Is there anyone reading this for whom it's working right now? I'd have more confidence if SOMEone out there can answer yes!