When trying to upload profile picture, it is not being saved

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Hi everyone!
I have the following issue:
When I try to update a profile pic in Teams (no matter from where: Desktop app, Web app, Phone app), it does not stay there.
It successfully uploads (no errors are being shown) and even shows up in the preview, but when I check it again - it defaults back to "two letters" one. My teammates do not see changes either. Screenshots from mobile app included.

I'm using free version w/o Microsoft account (signed up during free plan selection).

Anyone has a clue of what's going on?
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Verificación del el archivo que intentas cargar, puede que no cumpla los parámetros admitidos
I've tried using different pictures, they just do not stay there. Additionally, no errors are being shown.

@r_beat UPDATE! When trying to update the photo from browser, the following errors are being shown in DevTools console:Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 8.16.16 AM.png