When to create a team or a new channel


So, I enjoy using teams, but the teams and channels are starting to get a little disorganized. 

We are a nonprofit, and started by making a team for people who work on a particular program.  Which seemed good.  But eventually we just started adding everyone to the team because so many people provide support for the team.  This led to a lot of post in channels that only related to a small group of people.  Then came private channels to try and separate the conversation and stop some of the teams members for participating in conversations that really they should not be a part of, at least not at that moment.  But private channel limitations have been issues, like no support for channel meeting, or planner tabs.

So I am thinking the best solution is to break up the channels into teams.  But people are apprehensive believing that it would be difficult being involved in to many teams, and that channels, even with the problems are simpler.


I am wondering if anyone knows any resources or guidelines out there that help give some best practices as to how and when to use channels vs making a new team.


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I usually think like this! Is the matter small enough to have in one conversation or does it suit better to break it up in more channels.
Let’s say I have a project Y. It’s involving quite a few people and everyone has different roles. That means people will be talking about this project (chatting) in many different aspects, meaning using one channel for this (one posts area) will be very hard to follow! Same with files! You will probably create lots of folder for each subject within Project Y making it more cluttery!
In that case I’d rather create a separate Team for Project Y and create channels for each sub matter within that team. Within that team I could also create a private channel for project managers or for internal document in case there’s contractors in the Team etc!

And remember, by having only 1 channel for every subject, notifications will be either all on or all off! Having 1 channel for Project Y would result in to either turn it off completely or turn it on for the whole channel which means lots of notifications about unrelevant project information for me!
By separating sub matter you have better control over what to be notified about relating to you!

Just some thoughts