When renaming a Teams channel, is there any impact on broken links or acess permissions?

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Good afternoon,


I'm making this question not for my personal account, but for a doubt I have at my job (therefore, using a Teams for Business setup).


I mean to rename a Teams Channel (for example, currently it's called "My Team Channel" and I want it to be only "My Team"). This is so that we can more seamlessly embed the name of the Channel as a tag on posts.


However, this Channel is also connected to the department's SharePoint, so I want to be 100% sure that this change won't break any links (even links previously shared/stored with the original name). Also, I'd like to confirm that such an action won't have impact on accesses/permissions of current members and guests (which we also have on this Channel).


Can someone please confirm this and/or share their experiences in doing this?


Thank you in advance,



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@RuteA88 Hi It should rename. But what I do with these cases is make a test before I start doing this for a whole team.

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