When does Microsoft remove the Wiki-Tab in teams exactly?

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So there are a few different blogs and informations about when does MS really remove the Wiki-Tab in MS-Teams.


The last one i found is related to Jan 2024, but about a time ago there was a message in Teams with information about removing the Wiki-Tab on Sep 2023.

Did anyone know more - when does MS officially remove the Wiki-Tab?



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I think most people's approach is that if you have Wikis, get rid of them. The date isn't that important.

@Ed Woodrick 

Yes, i know... Wikis are pretty clear in its integration... the new implementation is just crap for me... sorry. I will really miss the Wiki-tab!


Anyway - is there no official discussion about when they get rid of them? This can not be. There must be an official plan somewhere outlining when the wikis will be permanently removed.


But okay - it is what it is.

We tranfered all the wikis to OneNote and "waiting" when the wiki tab is not longer accessible.

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Per the latest announcement in the Message Centre on June 7th


When & how are we retiring Wiki?

  • Stage 1 – (Timeline – early March 2023) Users won't be able to create new wikis, but they can continue to access (read/write) their existing wiki. Users also have the option to export their content to OneNote. Once users export their content to OneNote, the Wiki is available as read only. 
    • After exporting, each wiki in a channel appears as separate section in OneNote and each Wiki page will be a separate page in OneNote. 
  • Stage 2 – (Timeline – Mid CY23) Wiki tab in channel will not be supported; users will be easily able access (read/write) content in Wiki app. Users can also export their content to OneNote. 
  • Stage 3 – (Timeline – Jan 2024) Wikis tab and wiki App wouldn't be able to accessible in Teams and users wouldn't be able to export. Users can download their wiki files from SharePoint.

You can also track the conversation here which was last updated end of June. Karuana Gatimu is high up in the Teams team, so would be authotitative for a date.

Microsoft Teams News: Wiki Page Retiring in January 2024 & There Are Things You Must Do - Microsoft ...

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