When adding a OneNote tab can't select existing site assets notebook in that Team

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OK so love the feature that you can add a OneNote tab to existing notebooks.


...but there's one existing Notebook that has been neglected in the UI.


And that is the notebook that is automatically created when you create a Team.


For example, when you create a Team, you goto the general channel and add a OneNote tab, and create a new Notebook...but you don't have to as a new notebook already exists that lives in the site assets folder.


The thing is the OneNote tab interface doesn't let the user know this notebook exists.


I'm assuming that if you look at your tenant you'll notice nearly all your teams have an untouched notebook (ie. the one that's created at time of creating the Team)



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Given the interface does not lend to this experience, here are the steps

- goto the general channel
- click files tab
- click open in SharePoint
- click Notebook on the left rail of the sharePoint site
- Once the Notebook opens, copy the URL from the address bar
- Go back to the general channel
- Create a new tab and select OneNote
- Click on "paste a OneNote link"
- Paste in the link you have in your clipboard
- Done


Note: at first I was going to the site assets folder view, and using the ellipses to copy the link to the notebook...but this didn't work when I pasted it into the Teams tab.

Hi John. Yes, I have also noticed this glitch. However, when you've opened the Notebook in OneNote Online the option to add it s a tab appears (no need to grab the URL, thus). The same goes for the Planner plan that belongs to the Team, by the way. So it seems that a Team doesn't actually know what objects it owns and has access to prior to its members actually accessing these objects. And for the general user, this is not very intuitive.

Hi Magnus,


Where do you see that link to add the Onenote to a team?