What would make Microsoft Teams better?

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Have any of your people here got any cool ideas on how you would improve Microsoft Teams, from your own user experience?

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Better files experience
Pop out window possibility
Better possibilities regarding contacts and contact groups
Better search

Just a few! Also ms is working on most of these!

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- Multi Tenant Support
- Private Channels
- Ethical Walls
- Kaizala Integration
- Better Presence
- Better PDF Integration

Just some examples. You can see a load more on Teams Uservoice here

Hope that helps

Best, Chris

Also working within multiple Teams tabs. So annoying that I have to click off planner to respond to a message in chat!

Option to change a message posted to one channel to another channel

Ability to create private channels in teams a major requirement, which is provided by SLACK.

This is very important fetaure, which is missing

Option to search conversation history including chats

Better performance in Citrix/VDI

Eliminate missed PSTN-Calls on mobile devices

Better support for creating a team from an existing Office 365 group. It's supposedly supported, but I'm consistently finding at several of my groups are not listed.

Custom backgrounds, the feature ALREADY exists, but it would be better if we can choose a picture from our device and make it as our custom background.

@Bilal_Samer This you can do, put your own image here 


@Harsh Damania Hello, just curious what you mean as it works just fine to enter the search bar at the top of Teams.

@Harsh Damania Hello, this is possible and has been for a while actually (private channels).



Please excuse me if you already have these features, but some things i would find useful in my meetings are the following :

1. Its nice where you can "raise your hand" in a meeting, it would be nicer if the chairman could then click to acknowledge you and each raised hand could be given a number so that if three people raise their hand while someone is talking the chairman acknowledges them (without stopping the person talking) and then they each are assigned the order in which they would talk.

2. an Approve / not approve button so that in a meeting when the chairman says "does everyone agree" instead of having to unmute and all say yes you can just click either the Approve or Not Approve button. Perhaps it could also add the number of votes in each option so you can vote on a resolution ?

3. An ability to have the chat open in a second window / separate screen while you have the meeting on another screen.


Thank you for considering these, i hope they are helpful


Put an indicator my mic is muted even if Teams is not the active window like Webex does.

Dear Sir,


It will be good if the user is able to response directly to a statement made by other party in the TEAM Chat. In a work discussion, it is common to have several subject matters or issues being discussed and it will not be cognitive to response to an earlier comments with a new statement sometime later... (e.g in WhatsApp, user can response to any statement(s) by "replying" directly to the earlier statement(s) made


This will most certainly improve the discussion quality. And interestingly, such features are already available when using TEAMS via iPhone or iPad, but not via laptop. Please make this feature be available in laptop and desktop version of TEAMS too


Happy to follow-up on this


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when we have notifications the availability status should be also visible at the desktop Taskbar minimized Teams icon...sometimes I am at availableStatus and receiving notifications but then could not see that I should be at do not disturbStatus for example...


...and need to maximize the Teams and then confirm which Status am I in and then change the status...when it would be very easy just to change it through the minimized icon then...


We use Teams a lot, no less because of Corona. Much time goes into tying together "who said what to whom, and when", yielding lots of scrolling in different chats.

It would be great if you could e.g. Ctrl-click a name (in the list or in a chat message) and jump directly to your chat with that person - but scrolled to, or near, the same point in time as the chat you came from!
Now, the task of "telling Alice what, in a conversation with Bob, prompted her response to Carol" can be daunting.

Adding additional status when someone is in a call.

Microsoft Teams has many chances for improvement, all-digital things do but the main problem that I and my classmates face is the horrible internet issues, anything else on your computer could be perfectly fine but Microsoft Teams. We understand that these problems are due to the number of users daily but we also believe that there are ways to fix this. We hope that this can be solved so that we may have a better experience in the future.