What would make Microsoft Teams better?

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Have any of your people here got any cool ideas on how you would improve Microsoft Teams, from your own user experience?

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Better files experience
Pop out window possibility
Better possibilities regarding contacts and contact groups
Better search

Just a few! Also ms is working on most of these!

- Multi Tenant Support
- Private Channels
- Ethical Walls
- Kaizala Integration
- Better Presence
- Better PDF Integration

Just some examples. You can see a load more on Teams Uservoice here


Hope that helps

Best, Chris

Also working within multiple Teams tabs. So annoying that I have to click off planner to respond to a message in chat!

Option to change a message posted to one channel to another channel

Ability to create private channels in teams a major requirement, which is provided by SLACK.

This is very important fetaure, which is missing

Option to search conversation history including chats

Better performance in Citrix/VDI

Eliminate missed PSTN-Calls on mobile devices

Better support for creating a team from an existing Office 365 group. It's supposedly supported, but I'm consistently finding at several of my groups are not listed.

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