What to use to orginaze Q&As on Teams

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I'd like to add a Q&A tab inside my team on Teams to let my team members ask and answer questions with each other just like this community site and how can I make it happen the best way possible?


I'd prefer a free Microsoft app so although I'm not fully satisfied, I'm currently managing with Yammer for its Q&A feature but since [Question] tab is not available in Yammer when added as a connector on Teams, I'm using Yammer the following way.


  1.  Add [Website] as a connector.
  2.  Set a URL to connect to Yammer inside the Website tab.

I know that there is a third party app like Slido Q&A and I'm pretty sure this app would allow me to do what I want to accomplish and please let me know if there is a best practice/app for my scenario. Thank you in advance for your replies.

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We're looking for this functionality as well. Are there any MS roadmap plans for "Question and Answer" post types from Yammer communities to be available within native Teams? There is a need for this in organizations that use Teams but not Yammer. Thanks!