What´s the reason that I can´t delete chats

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Does anybody know why it is not pssible to delete old chats? 

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Hi, you should have read the entire conversation. An admin can always delete all messages with the compliance tools. Owner of teams can delete conversations if allowed with policy, and users their own messages too if allowed. Deletion of entire chat threads for end-users is coming soon too.

@ChristianJBergstrom The question was why can't "I" delete a chat. I know an admin can. Having old messages in the chat forever that you can't erase is like having email filling up you in box and is very annoying. I just continue to use Skype. Thanks

You can delete old messages. Sounds like you need to talk with your Teams admin about enabling that possibility..


As for - chat threads - and not only deletion of specific chat messages for end users this was added 10 days ago in Teams feedback portal.


”Thank you for your votes and comments on this feature. The team is in the process of finalizing designs for deleting private chat threads. We will update as we have more progress to share.”

This sounds like a "Design Flaw" and people shouldn't use the app.
I want to know how to delete a half sent/ paused in between pdf file in ms team chats
In order to comply gdpr the user should be able to delete his/her own chats, not just the admin after being able to read and or copy them. Microsoft doesn't comply but I guess its to big to be subject to law.



Can you confirm my assumption that when I delete one of my messages in a group chat this action deletes my message  from all members in the group chat and not just for me. I assume this is correct as I believe I had seen in a teams group chat recently the same pop up message I received upon the deletion,  which is ..... This message has been deleted. With the option to "Undo".

Meaning that when I delete it, it is deleted from the chat history of all the folks in the group chat.

If this is correct what happens if a member of the group chat is in the actual Teams group chat, reading it etc. I assume my deleted chat is still automatically removed even for this member of the group chat. I assume it changes in real-time. As it will for those logged in to Teams, but not in the actual group chat and of course those in the group chat and are either away or not logged into Teams.

@energy92158 Hello, when you delete a message it's removed from the others view's and not visible to anyone. But it will remain searchable for administrators due to compliance (legal) when using eDiscovery for example (stored in hidden folders in mailboxes). If there are no retention policies set up, for either deletion or preservation, those messages will still be "under the hood" until your account is removed.


When using retention policies you can either permanently remove (or retain) messages from the Azure chat service, which is the primary chat storage, and the hidden folders in mailboxes where the data is stored for compliance.

It is absurd !!!!!!!!!!!
WHY THE HELL ????????????????
For my privacy i want to be able to delete it !!!
I use teams only for speak and meeting.
I've absolutely stopped to using it as a chat.
As an IT i'm looking for another chat system

It looks like it is an option now, but only for Home & Small Business:




From Delete a chat in Teams for personal and small business use (



Which almost makes sense; workplaces, education, & government would want retention to be subject to compliance policies & not the individual employee/student


...except I presumed deleting a chat only deletes it from the end-users client, because it could exists in the hidden Teams folder in everyone's mailbox, and/or that we'd still be able to discover deleted chats like we can find deleted emails in eDiscovery.

@sd adm Sometimes a colleague might send an inappropriate message and I would want to remove that from my screen permanently. Inappropriate could mean that it contains foul language, it might give a password or door code, it could contain unkind remarks about another co-worker, it could contain racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. content, or something else. It could even be an honest mistake, e.g. a typo that turns the intended innocent word into an offensive one or somebody using the wrong word because they don't understand its true meaning.


It should be possible to delete one or more individual messages from any given sender. At least they should disappear from my side of the chat - the sender might be notified that the message had been deleted.

@DH-24 , 

(This is sd adm, my work email changed, but Tech Community doesn't allow you to transfer accounts unless you sign up with a personal email :unamused:).

I'm not arguing in favor of the merits of not being able to delete. :smile:

I agree with you & the other posters!

I just pointed out that per MS documentation, it is possible to delete chats, but only in Home & Small Business.

I further said the only justification I could imagine (corporate retention policies having precedence) didn't make sense on further consideration (the messages should still exist in the hidden Outlook folder for eDiscovery)

@Marco_inThai in what way?


If a request to be forgotten is made under Article 17 then you would use a DSR to discover then delete data pertaining to an individual, this thread is about user functionality not platform capabilities for GDPR. See Manage GDPR data subject requests with UDS case tool in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal | Mi...



UPDATE AS OF 26th August 2022 :
An official reply from Microsoft Teams has been made on the teams feedback portal :



By the way, Microsft has abandonned usersvoice site now it's here :

Cool! I can read it, but can't upvote, because the feedback portal isn't open to GCC:
"Community feedback is currently supported for MSA, as well as AAD users in commercial clouds."

Talk to your admin and ask them to do a search for information pertaining to the person and delete all relevant content in that situation. There's no way you as an end user could ensure you deleted every message pertaining to that particular user anyway. Additionally part of GDRP requires you provide evidence that you complied with the request. Again, if you just went through and deleted every chat you thought pertained to this person you also deleted your proof. You also aren't sure if your company retention policies held onto the data in the background.
If the user deletes the chat themselves they also have no way to prove they deleted data as requested. If done via the admin center you can provide evidence that it was done. Having proof that it was done is part of the GDPR requirement. If you simply delete everything and say "Yep I did it" you are still not complying with GDPR.