What’s New in Microsoft Teams Feature Spotlight – Press to Unmute

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Hey Teams Community,


We’re discussing a new feature each week mentioned in the monthly What’s New in Microsoft Teams and this week we’re looking at the Press to Unmute feature.


This new feature allows users to unmute during a meeting by holding down the Ctrl+Space keys (Windows) or Option+Space keys (macOS), then releasing the keys goes back to a muted state again.

My WFH office is above the freeway in Seattle, so I like to stay muted when possible. Especially during large all hands meetings where I’m typing and taking notes in the background. This new shortcut allows me to jump into action and rapidly respond when called upon.


This feature is on by default.

Press To Unmute.png


Will this shortcut make it more convenient to chime in when necessary? Or do you see yourself using the mouse still to find the microphone button? Will it just take some time to get used to but overall will become standard?


Also, keep an eye out for the What's New in Microsoft Teams February 2022 blog coming Monday. In the meantime, let's bring @Holly Lehman into the discussion space to help answer any questions about this feature!

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This is a great way to get your feedback. Interestingly enough, I have been getting asked about more hot key options. Here we go!!

I like your question, too and wondered the same thing. Who is using the short keys vs mouse?