What’s New in Microsoft Teams Feature Spotlight – Day view in calendar on iOS and Android

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Hey Teams Community,


We’re discussing a new feature each week mentioned in the monthly What’s New in Microsoft Teams and this week we’re looking at the new Day view in the Teams calendar on iOS and Android.


It’s important to know exactly what is on the agenda for the day. For many users, their calendar can be filled with meetings, some happening at the same time. Other users may have gaps in their daily schedule, but those gaps weren’t obvious in the Calendar view.


Now, the new Day view in the Teams calendar on mobile allows users to view all hours of the day beyond scheduled meetings and events, which allows you to see when you’re available or busy throughout the day. It also makes schedule conflicts easier to identify.



Users can switch between views using the icon at the top right corner, next to the camera.


For me, one of the first things I do in the morning on weekdays is open my phone and check the calendar in Teams to see what meetings are scheduled. Is this your routine too? How often do you use the Teams calendar on mobile? What percentage of your daily calendar is full of scheduled meetings and events?

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