What’s New in Microsoft Teams Feature Spotlight – Co-organizer meeting role

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Hey Teams Community,


We’re discussing a new feature each week mentioned in the monthly What’s New in Microsoft Teams and this week we’re looking at the co-organizer meeting role.


There are some meetings that require a lot of hands participating to make it a success. The new “co-organizer” role allows meeting organizers to share control with up to 10 meeting attendees. These attendees turned “co-organizers” are given most of the same capabilities as the organizer, including management of Meeting Options.

Co-Organizer Role.png


The limitations of the new co-organizer role include the inability to create and manage breakout rooms, manage meeting recordings, and viewing attendance reports.


Organizers can add co-organizers through Meeting Options and only invitees within the same tenant as the organizer are eligible for the co-organizer role.


Here's a video from Aisha Miller showing how the feature works!


There are several meetings each quarter where I can see myself using this role to ensure that everyone on my team can help provide support. This role would be great for when the team is managing a webinar or AMA where multiple people are working to make the event successful. What types of events or meetings do you see using this new role?

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Are there any plans to add the ability to manage breakout rooms?  The other limitations make some sense, but this feature is almost entirely useless without the ability to manage breakout rooms. This is especially so for scheduled regular meetings where the organiser may not be present occasionally.

@JohnSteckroth will this feature be available through the D365 Events integration?