What is the URI scheme in order to open MS Teams from another APP (deep link) ?

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Is MS Team currently supporting deep link to just open the app if so what is the URI scheme ?

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Which app? The desktop client can be invoked by using msteams://aaaaaaaaaaaaanything if that's what you mean.

@Vasil Michev is there a way to use the same structure to link directly into a document or a chat or a channel or such, from an email or a chat or anywhere else? Tired of having people go through the web link opening just to confirm that they wanted a document in the desktop app they already have open...


Something like msteams://{organization}/{teamName} or similar?

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@Vasil MichevVery Helpful comment. Thanks!!!

This worked for me.

@Chrispytwist i love this but i want it to immediately open in teams instead of a browser. I was hoping i could use and have it launch a chat with that user UPN in the Teams app

@Shawn Keenehave you figured out how to accomplish this yet?

@DRG-TFisicaro I'm afraid not.  Something like below works, but since it's HTTPS it will launch the browser first.


Although since the web server just immediately launches the real app, I think it's possible if I could just sniff out what the server response is from this. I'll try harder ;) address removed&topicName=ChatFromWeb&message=Hi Shawn

Well that was easier than I expected. When you navigate to that HTTPS URL above, it bounces you to this below. And this is what you can put in your Run box (or whatever) to skip the browser step.

msteams:/l/chat/0/0?users=Email address removed&topicName=ChatFromWeb&message=Hi Shawn&deeplinkId=f5c3e062-2b02-4a6a-b10b-afe6d1a27858&launchAgent=join_launcher&type=chat&directDl=true&msLaunch=true&enableMobilePage=true&