What is the purpose of the Activity screen?

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I do not understand the purpose of Activity screen. The only thing I see there is a few missed calls and expired invitations to a meeting. I would expect to see things such as meetings that have taken place or chats that occurred. But nothing like that is there.

At the moment there seems to be no way to view what happened within my Teams yesterday (or any other day). Am I missing something?

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The Activity view shows you the number of Microsoft Teams activities by activity type. The activity types are number of team chat messages, private chat messages, calls, and meetings.
I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing. There is a side tab on the left side named 'Activity'.
Upon opening I have a list with a dropdown on top. The options for dropdown:
- Feed - This only displays missed calls and requests to join meetings. I never saw scheduled meeting or chats (curiously there seems to be no way to show/hide more/less entries, Teams decides what to display here completely on its own and things will go away by themselves after some time but it is unclear why)
- My Activity - Always empty, I never say any entries in here

I never saw any team chat or private chat messages or meetings themselves (only meeting requests) in any of these lists.