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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

What does disabling anonymous users from joining Teams meetings mean?

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Anyone knows more details about what it means to disable anonymous users from joining meetings. In Teams, this is a tenant wide settings whereas in Skype for Business this could be set to per-user using conferencing policies.


Also, how does it work in practice, e.g. can meetings still be sent to consumer accounts like GMail or and as long as external participant has a Microsoft account and signs-in using that Microsoft account, then can join the meeting.

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The Anonymous user toggle determines whether the users have to log in with their Microsoft account or can they just join the meeting without login....

If enabled any users with the link can join the meeting.

if Disabled , the users has to login with their id (Microsoft id ) to join the meeting...

In Skype for Business, conferencing policy setting for -AllowAnonymousParticipantsInMeetings says If set to False then only authenticated users (that is, users logged on to your Active Directory Domain Services or the Active Directory of a federated partner) are allowed to attend the meeting. 


It doesn't say anything about public consumer accounts GMail or Thus, @Maruthi Gadde are you sure disabling Anonymous joins in meetings will still allow users to send meeting invites to public consumer accounts.

If you have previously added them to your tenant as a guest using their MSA they will be able to attend as they are not anonymous. If they are not a guest in your tenant then they are joining your meeting as an anonymous participant, so would be blocked by this policy.


disabling Anonymous joins in meetings will still allow users to send meeting invites to public consumer accounts however when they try to join the meeting , this is what they will see...13.PNG

Thank you @Maruthi Gadde...This confirms if it's a brand new user (i.e. not already added as a guest to AAD) then they won't be able to join the meeting.


Do you know if behaviour will be the same if user has been already added as a Guest e.g. may be someone else in the organisation had shared a sharepoint document with them?



Guests are already added as guests to AAD and guest access in Teams is also turned on.

But guests could not join in Team Meeting and Channels.

Picture attached.

Thank you in advance


@Maruthi Gadde  does this affect people dialing?  if anonymous is disabled, would this prohibit people from dialing into a meeting?

@PhillipPino Good question, I would love to know the answer to this one too!

@PhillipPino - I just tested this out.  Joining from a client presents the screen with the message "Only people with access to this org can join its meetings", but dialing in from a phone, I was able to join.