Weird MS Teams behaviour when attempting to click any URL inside of team.

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So since February we have had a number of users less then 10%, impacted by a weird bug where when they clicked on any URL inside of teams (in chat, meeting etc) it would crash the Teams application. 

Working with support we tried clearing caches, reinstalling Teams, changing teams versions, changing default broswers etc all the usual things and nothing changed the behaviour until the recent Windows + Office patching this month. Now MS Teams doesn't crash (yay), but it doesn't do anything when you click on a URL it's like it's gone complete inert whatever you do the click wont react, but atleast it isn't crashing. 


So if the users use  Teams on a physical or webteams then the URL issue doesn't occur, it only happens when they are logged into their virtual. Support has basically exhausted it's ideas so suggested I post here to see if anyone else has encountered anything similar or has any ideas we haven't tried yet. 



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That is indeed odd behaviour! Did they escalate the ticket as well?

@paul keijzers to whole ticket process has been a bit of a debacle to be honest. I had a great engineer at first but he went on leave, and the ticket was prematurely closed in his absence. Since then support changed ticketing systems so lost all the notes and progress from the original ticket. So there has been a lot of redoing the same troubleshooting steps. 

The good news is URL not working is WAY better then crashing teams everytime (including when on calls) so it's a step in the right direction. I think part of the grey area for support is the problem is with Teams but the underlying OS for the users is Windows Server so there is a bit of finger pointing of who should own the ticket. 

@M-BA_AU Yes i Understand but still i would say it needs to be resolved. I have not heard of the issue before.


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