Weird MH logo on MS Teams - can anyone help?

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Hi. In the last few weeks, several times a day this image pops up instead of my video / face. I can't seem to find any other reference to it online. I had previously used teams with no problems for 18 months. Can anyone help explain it? I'm getting really frustrated at having to relaunch Teams or reboot my mac to reset it.


Computer is MacBook Air 2011 (yes its old)

MS Teams is latest version


Thanks for your help.




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Hi @Doows  This logo is from the app you're using: Clear, compelling communication for everyone | mmhmm


We think this is an app issue. If you remove this app does the issue go away? You should contact your company's support if they're the one's who require you to use this app, or contact the app maker for tech support.

@ThereseSolimeno you're a star!! I have considered using the mmhmm app but I haven't actually used it yet, nor is it ever open, so very strange that it's logo has started to appear like this. I will delete the app and let you know if that fixes the issue. 


You have returned my sanity. I have done so so so many searches trying (and failing) to identify this logo.

So. i looked into this and have discovered that this logo appears under the following conditions:

you have the mmhmm app installed on your machine. But it is not open
Teams keeps picking up the mmhmm camera instead of FaceTime Camera
You can easily change the camera in the Teams menu under "Device Settings"

What confused me is that Teams was picking up this Camera even though I have not yet used mmhmm and it was closed. So it did not occur to me to look for this.

An easy fix.