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Updated Teams yesterday and about a third of our users are gone this morning, channels are missing, channels we deleted months ago are back, chats read days ago are marked new. On the admin side, everything looks fine but in the desktop app/online/mobile it's all messed up. Anyone else seeing this or know how to fix?

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Had someone report that many of the Channels in their team are missing today. The folders that should be "Teams connected Channels" are in the underlying SharePoint site, but the Channels aren't connected in Teams.
Weird, did you try clearing the Teams cache?, however, you also mentioned Online and mobile... that's strange
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Agree that it is strange, it's like the "Teams-connected Channels" somehow lost their connection. Another odd symptom is that multiple members of the Team reported receiving a notification that "Unknown User" had added him to the Team. Our IT team (I'm not in IT) is escalating it to Microsoft, I'll come back here and update if there is a resolution.
We had something similar happen this morning. We have at least one team that I know of that had about 130 channels in it, roughly 70-80 channels disappeared out of nowhere this morning for all users. The files still exist from each channel in Sharepoint. They only appear to be gone on the desktop app and browser, but still show correctly in the android app. Have a ticket in with our vendor and they are working with Microsoft.


We've had multiple reports of this same behavior today.  The channels are missing but the underlying folders and files are still there.  It appears that the folders are disconnected from the Team.  I've opened a ticket with Microsoft on this issue.  We'll see what they have to say about it. 

@llattier We are having the same issue with missing channels this morning using version We have not found any evidence of deleted channels returning, but we have missing channels and the documents are still present in SharePoint. 

We put in a ticket with Microsoft through our IT vendor and it is resolved today. Will reply if they let us know what the culprit was.
Had the exact same problem start Monday with one of our channels. Data is still in SharePoint but channel has disappeared from Teams, including the admin center. Currently getting the runaround from MS support :\

Luckily this channel doesn't house mission critical data, but we have others that do and this has me wondering how much we should be relying on Teams for critical operations.