Webinar function in Teams meeting creation

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In latest feature releasing, it says Webinar function can be used while Teams meeting creation, I followed the guide PDF, but couldn't find the "Webinar" icon. My Teams version is (64-bit)


So is it the correct version to get Webinar feature? or I went to wrong direction?

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@StanleyHao I think it has started rollout, but won't have reached everywhere just yet. It's not there in my tenant either.

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@StanleyHao Hello, in case you'd like to follow the roadmap id Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365

Hi, Steven, I think so as well, waiting for this new feature. THX for replying
Hi, Christian, very helpful, THX

Hi all, I am also keen for Webinar function but in the meantime, can anyone advise whether Teams version (64-bit) has the 1,000 capacity Teams meeting?? Thanks!

according to roadmap, this function is developing, just wait