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whenever I try to join a meeting this message box appears. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. But it did not help. In the web version, I can join. I do not know what is wrong with the app.



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Hi @Elnur1997!

I had the same issue. Please, disable (unchecking) the "Turn on new meeting experience" options and try again.


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Even i'm facing this issue,dont know how to go on with it.If you find a solution,please do post it

thank you @Fernando Gualano 

not sure what was happened, but your suggestion work for my problem

Where can i find that tho(the "Turn on new meeting experience")
Hola amigos:
¡Logré solucionar el problema!
1.- Primero desinstalen su Microsoft Teams desde control panel
2.- Reinicien su Equipo
3.- Apretar la tecla Windows+E en la parte superior %appdata%
4 .- Acceda a %AppData%\Microsoft\teams\ y borre las subcarpeta
5.- Finalmente instalen su Microsoft Teams de escritorio y con eso quedara resuelto.
Try updating the app. Worked for me!

@Elnur1997 managed to fix issue with driver update, specifically audio driver.

HP - HP support assistant

Dell - Dell official driver website


  1. Exit Microsoft Teams completely. To do that, you need to right-click the Teams icon on the taskbar and select Quit.
  2. Type %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams in the Windows Search bar and hit Enter.
  3. Delete all the files from the Teams folder.
  4. Then relaunch the app and check if the alert is gone

Hope it fixes the issue. Cheers!!!


Thanks, it work for me