We need to kill a team but keep the messages

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A member of staff has created a FREE Teams setup and invited all the troops to join, all using their company email addresses. So they did, and have lots of stuff in conversations.


We are having issues when they try to do password resets and signin in, as we now have the domian on Microsoft 365


We now want to use the proper Teams that is part of our 365 subscription. I can't find a way to migrate or remove this free instance of the comapny in Teams.


Any help is much apprciated.

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Hello @TeamsBathgate   There is a past post in the community with a similar question saying that teams and chats can't be migrated, but I'm also going to ask @Steven Collier to take a look at your question...






Have a look at ShareGate, its a product that can migrate Teams between tenants. I wouldn't know if it can move a free team to a paid subscription though. Might be a bit expensive for a one off task also.




You should be able to upgrade your Teams Free to become a regular tenant, and so keep all content intact. If you are moving to an entirely next tenant then it's going to be tough, currently there is no data migration api for Teams.


Third parties like ShareGate and a few others do the best they can, recreating Teams and recreating messages from a system account, but it's not the same. I've no idea if they would be able to use Teams Free as a source, it might be enough different in the SharePoint config to make it impossible.


Personal opinion I would download all their file and add them for them, but tell them to start fresh with messages, planners etc.


@TeamsBathgate In addition to the previous reply I'm attaching a couple of links explaining the upgrade process.


Upgrade from Teams free to Teams



Upgrade Microsoft Teams free to subscription version