We need to be able to sort each bucket by due date, or other filters

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Currently it appears that we cannot sort a buck by due date or any other filter, but only the whole team page. The capability to sort individual buckets by any number of filters is a no-brainer for most of us, I believe. 



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Crazy that this isn't a functionality yet. Why isn't it a feature????
We just moved to planner/office365 from Asana and Trello, but this is a disaster.

Sorting buckets by due date would be a very useful feature. Understandably you can filter by due date but sort by due date would let the user compare and amend easier rather than sorting manually the tasks in each bucket. Would love to see this feature for our team.

This is such a basic and necessary function. I can't believe that this thread has been going for so many years and it is still not addressed! After spending several hours creating all my tasks, and repeating tasks, I am finding that the ones needing current attention are buried under repeated tasks for next month. I am also shocked that I can't sort items by due date in the Grid view. Please add the sort feature to buckets and grids!!

@rbowering totally agree. Have just started using Planner in a new team and was stunned this wasn't the default sort order, then even more stunned to find it's not even possible! I need to group by label or bucket or person, then see those tasks in date order! Please Microsoft add a 'sort by' option that can be applied after the 'group by' options!

It is astounding this simple user interface feature has not been fixed yet. Yes, I can see my to-do items in due date order in teams, but why make me switch entire apps? Also I manage multiple people and would like to be able to see their assigned tasks in due date order. How was this not incorporated and still hasn't been fixed 3 years later.

@rbowering Is there any way we can vote on this feature? Microsoft Planner would be perfect for me and my team if this very basic feature was available. Thanks!

checking to see if this is in the works? It may be a deal breaker for using Planner for large projects.@FSimard 

It's frustrating that this doesn't even seem to be in Microsoft's roadmap for Planner! It's one of a number of things that makes Planner difficult to roll out in a professional context - we constantly have to warn staff about its limitations.

Totally agree, it's a must have.


As if Microsoft not only doesn't consider consumers but doesn't consider professional users either.


Whom do we have to write to make that happen?


Is anyone from MS reading comments here anyway?

As of now, you can filter tasks at the plan level, not at the bucket level.
Planner is a basic application included in all Microsoft 365 licenses. Microsoft Project is a powerful project management application which has a similar interface and comes with a license fee.

It is best to use Planner for simple task management and seamlessly upgrade to Project when required.



we don't have the use for Microsoft Project as these are not involved projects, they are tasks we want to keep track of. 

Thanks for your comment but it doesn't really help.

It would be logical for Microsoft to just make the buckets sortable by due date or other filters.

Agree, you can request this in the Teams Feedback portal. Upvotes will be considered by Microsoft.


Are there any updates on this topic? It seems like an easy fix and a necessary feature.

Hello paul keijzers,


The link you shared ( https://planner.uservoice.com/forums/330525-microsoft-planner-feedback-forum?query=filter%20per%20bucket ) doesn't work anymore. It gives error as "This UserVoice instance is no longer available."


Can you please update the link?

Here's a new link: feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback/idea/8ed900c9-d5de-ed11-a81b-6045bd808412

@rbowering I have just discovered that using ToDo - helps with this - You can sort in various ways! 

@rbowering seriously @microsoft get on this already! This is a paid tool so we expect some kind of reactivity.

As this original post was in 12/2020 and its 10/2023... has anyone at Microsoft added this as a future coded capability within Planner? It seems like it went here and hasn't been looked at since. Very disappointing because there's a major need for sorting individual buckets.