We need some verification around the SFB CU Upgrade

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Please we need some verification around the SFB CU Upgrade.


I saw the following information in the Microsoft 365 message center about Skype for Business Server upgrade and deadline which is 31st July 2022. 






so I wanted to verify because we already had Skype for Business server 2015 version build 6.0.9319.619 installed. 


so we wanted to verify that our skype for business will not disrupted since we already the version that is required. 



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If you are already on the required version, then there should be no impact because that is the requirement.


If you are anxious or want to get cast-iron confirmation in writing from an authoritative source you can open a ticket with Microsoft to get confirmation from the support team. I would advise this if you are in a position where you are responsible for a client, so it covers you


Hope this answers your question


Best, Chris