We can't search for Private Teams...

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In our Global Policy, the setting for Discover Private Teams is Enabled.  I even disabled it, saved, and then re-enabled it, and saved again.


However, when I go into any Team and go under Manage Team | Settings  I don't have the Teams Discovery section where I'm supposed to be able to enable the ability for teams to be searchable according to this:


Does anyone know why I wouldn't see that area under a team's settings?  Is there something else I need to turn on  in order to make it work?

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That feature is not yet enabled! The policy has been there a while but not yet functional..

There’s no ETA for this but hopefully soon

@adam deltingerOh.  Well, that explains it.  I didn't notice the blurb that said it's a preview feature.  :(


Is there any way I can get our tenant setup to get preview features?  :)


@adam deltinger 


Is there any update on this. 

Got this question again today from a customer. 


They do not want public teams but private teams. 

But they need to be discoverable so users can request access. 


Is there a work around for this?