Watching a .mov or listening to an mp3 file within the Teams desktop app

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If we are in a chat and drop\attach an mp3 or .mov file into the chat, it won't play it within the Teams app itself (we use the latest desktop app). Instead, it launches Edge and you have to watch\listen from the browser. This is not a big deal, but curious if it is possible to play from with the Teams app itself, or is this not supported. I know these are supported file types.

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Hi @Jethro_Sacket ,


Currently, playing media files like MP3 or MOV directly within the Microsoft Teams app itself is not supported. When you attach an MP3 or MOV file in a chat, Microsoft Teams launches the default web browser (such as Edge) to play the media file.

This behavior is by design and is intended to provide a consistent and reliable playback experience for different file formats. By using the browser's native media player, it ensures compatibility with various media types and reduces the need for additional media player integrations within the Teams app.

While it's not currently possible to play MP3 or MOV files directly within the Teams app, you can still listen or watch the files by launching the browser. 


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