Want to use multi language voice channel for single Teams meeting

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In my company, we have real time interpretor.

We have meeting involves multiple locations that some attendees are not bilingual.



[What I want to achieve]

Have two language channel (English and Japanese)

Interpretor listens to both language

  1. When speaker is English, interpretor turns on Japanese channel and interprets to Japanese.  Japanese attendee adjusts speaker to interpretor
  2. When speaker is Japanese, interpretor turns on English channel and interprets to English.  English attendee adjusts speaker to interpretor
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@KKOBORI We need the same functionality at my organization. We are currently trying to figure out a way to achieve simultaneous interpretation in a Teams meeting. Please let me know if you find a way to make this work through Teams.

This is already available with an app called Kudo, you can find it in the apps clicking on the logo on the bottom left of your Teams interface.

@Dmurmur Thanks for the suggestion. We ultimately did use KUDO for our project. It worked well but the integration with MS Teams was unstable. In the end we used KUDO separately from MS Teams and then it was fine. Our expectations that the integration with MS Teams would provide users a seamless access from their MS Teams environment was sadly not met.