Want to integrate power automated agent bot with an existing bot deployed to teams

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I have create a flow and is hooked to a power automated virtual agent bot.
But i cant find a way to integrate this bot to an already existing bot that is deployed to my teams channel.
I have followed documentation and i have integrated the power virtual agent bot and is working in the emulator.
But im getting error response when the power virtual agent bot is triggering the flow.

I have tested in Power Virtual Agents test bot

Annotation 2020-08-27 123620.png

But im getting error in emulator 



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Could you possibly help me visualise the scenario a bit more please.

So some input is passed into a Flow, which in turn is passed into a Virtual Agent Bot. However based on a certain response to this Bot via Flow you want it to query an existing bot you have made use of in Teams and respond to the new Bot and then ultimately to the end user?


My use case is to send out notifications my peers through teams (to maybe fill their timesheet every Friday).
For this I have created a flow bot with the trigger to notify users every Friday at 5pm.
I have integrated this flow to a bot created using power virtual agent.
Now I want to deploy this power agent virtual bot which will trigger the flow so that my peers will get a message from the custom bot I created and not from the flow bot.
Im sorry but i still havent got any response from anyone.
Can someone guide me here?
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I would use Power Virtual Agents to write a row into a SharePoint list with some information. Then have another Flow that is triggered when that list receives a new item. It is asynchronous of course but that was you can use it to launch other Flows. 


I just used this trick this week when I was prepping a Teams provisioning demo. I collect the new team information via PVA and then write that info to a SharePoint list. That has another Flow triggered by new item and it will take care of the team provisioning. 


Or you could build the reminder process in the PVA bot Flow. 


Hopefully this helps!