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When attending large meetings if all attendants are having mic unmuted it's very hard to listen due to a lot of noise coming from all sides. Usually, we ask all attendants to keep them self muted while they not talk.

I would like to have the option to be muted by default and unmute my self while talking by holding a space button, like for example when using Walkie-talkie. While I'm talking I'm holding, when is stop I release button. In a mobile application, this can be done in a similar fashion with a big button on the screen.

This feature should be optional and turned on by the user or by the meeting host.

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There will be a walk-in talkie feature coming soon.
This is a separate feature though and afaik will not be incorporated into the normal meeting experience

@igorilic  If the Mute button was the last thing someone clicked, the spacebar will work to unmute/mute.

@Damon Betlow  Yes, but the push-to-talk with spacebar (as walkie-talkie) is one of the most useful features in Zoom, and you need to press Space twice in Teams to unmute/re-mute.

@adam deltingerWalkie-talkie was a poor choice of words on OP's part.

He is asking for Push-to-talk which is a feature "digital natives" will all want.
I would go as far as having a meeting flag that disallows someone from joining unless they configure push-to-talk first.
i.e. No open mics permitted.

just discovered that and can't find it documented anywhere online. Strange that it leaves the menu bar up though.

Is there an update on this feature request? Looks like it's coming up to a year since suggested? I agree that this is a very useful feature that  Zoom has had since (almost) the beginning...  It would be great to see it in Teams.


Please note this is a feature distinct from mute and unmute shortcut key toggles... ie Push to Talk ( PTT ) is being on mute, and only coming off of mute when you press and hold space bar (or other convenient key), once released the participant goes back on mute.

But he meant, mic may only be enabled while pressing and holding spacebar, and disabled back as one release it, as I guess and would prefer.

@Damon Betlow Spacebar as a mute trigger conflicts with design software the allows a user to hold Spacebar to drag the interface around.


During design presentations, where spacebar is heavily utilized, the speaker would be causing a lot of mutes by accident. 


I like the idea of Walkie-Talkie (like other conference tools already have) but the button needs to be customizable.