Volume fircibly adjusted on each call start

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I'm using USB headphones which work fine on 2% volume. The issue is, MS Teams forcibly adjusts volume to 20% each time I start call. Unfortunately this provides quite a bang to my ears. Is there some way to disable this "feature"?




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Theres a uservoice for it here:


I’ll also raise this to the Teams team

@adam deltinger 


@adam deltinger wrote:
Theres a uservoice for it here:


Saw it, thanks. Looks a bit abandoned though. That's why I decided to ask here.


@adam deltinger wrote:

I’ll also raise this to the Teams team

That would be very nice! Thank you!


@target-san check this settings in Sound device properties. Teams might be raising the sound to 20% instead of lowering everything else by 80. Anyway, might be worth a shot to see if it stops doing it. 



@Chris WebbSorry, that's not the case. I have it at "Do Nothing". Then if it results in volume change anyway, I have bad news for Windows team.

@target-sanI am also having this problem. When I am using my PC I am streaming Pandora at a comfortable volume level. When I connect to a Teams call, my overall PC volume gets adjusted. Then my Pandora is super loud so I have to go pause it. I have played with the adjustments but they do not adequately solve the problem. If I set to "Do Nothing" it seems that the overall volume is not turned up, but then I can't hear the person talking. It would be nice if the setting "Reduce the volume of other sounds by 80%" actually worked as described, but it doesn't.

I also regularly experience this after the latest Office 365 update.  Often times, we meet in a conference room with a phone, but use our laptops to share screens etc.  I mute my laptop and confirm it in sound settings, however teams still plays call volume through my laptop at 20%.  I have to go into the teams call settings and reduce call volume to 0.  All the while, my laptop is muted.


This seems to be a significant bug if it is overriding OS settings.

I'm having the same problem. I'm using bluetooth headphones (Jabra) and my PC volume is set to 50%. When I start a call the volume on Teams is too loud so I use the device settings within Teams to adjust it, however just clicking the bar brings the volume down to where I want it.


For example; call starts and it is too loud. I look at the device settings and it appears to be at 40%. I adjust it down a little to say 30% but it is a very dramatic drop in volume, I then adjust it back to 40% and it's perfect. Next call comes through and 40% is too loud, move the slider down then back to the original position and the volume is perfect again. It's like Teams is boosting the volume to a set level until you touch the volume control then it recognises your desired settings.


Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this? I'm going to hit up our internal tech guys as well so if we come up with a solution i'll post it but they're fairly new to Teams as it has only recently been deployed in the organisation.


Thanks everyone


@adam deltinger 

i still have the problem that when starting a meeting in team the volume is set at 100% and therefore much too loud for the headphones. Is there any help?


I am experiencing the same issue. If I go to the "Windows Settings" for "App volume and device preferences" and adjust the volume settings for the "Microsoft Teams" apps, it will quiet the Bluetooth call volume. However the next time I make a phone call it's back to 1000% call volume and it hurts my ears. There isn't even a volume control or keyboard short cut command in "Microsoft Teams" so I have to dig through my "Window's Settings" to temporarily fix this for the call I'm currently in but if I make or receive another call it switches back to 1000% call volume.

Hi Chris, I was having this issue where getting into any Teams meeting would not make anything louder, but I could barely hear anyone else, as if Win or Teams were lowering the audio output despite everything being at 100% everywhere. Setting the option to "Do nothing" did the trick. Thank you for your time.

My volume resets to 100% for every call!! Even when I go into the app sound settings and change it, my ears are blasted out. This is so frustrating. 

@Chris Webb that is not an option on my device:




You need to go back a screen, then in the top right "Sound Control Panel" and in there the communication tab is where you can turn it off.

@Chris Webb  This did not do the trick for me, so still an issue. Why not allow to adjust the volume within teams somewhere?

To select the mic, speaker, and camera you want Teams to use for calls and meetings, click your profile picture at the top of Teams, then Settings > Devices. Under Audio devices, pick the speaker and mic you want Teams to use by default.

@SonjaMoseleyTR I have the same issue.

Every time I start a teams or Zoom meeting I have to go to "Open Sound Settings" > "App volume and device preferences" and lower the volume for the app from 100% down to around 10% or it's too loud. 

I notice that the issue is only present with a particular pair of headphones, though, so I'm curious if there's a device-specific setting that I need to change. 


I have the same issue.  Using new Bose stereo headset and Windows 10.  Each time I join a Teams Meeting or Call, the volume resets to MAX.  When I join a meeting or call, I can't put my headset on until I adjust the level down, which is multiple steps:  Open Volume Mixer -> scroll right to the level for the Teams window -> lower the volume.  And the volume level doesn't appear until the meeting is joined  call answered.   I apologize in advance to just adding on to the string of complaints here.  I didn't see any answers yet. 

@target-san Well. here we are a year or so since you and many others called for help on this volume problem, and still no solution from the Teams, Windows or Microsoft teams.

For no apparently logical reason, my (64-bit) version of Teams on Windows 10 build 1909 keeps setting the Windows Volume Mixer sound settings for Teams to 100% after every restart of either Windows or the teams App.

Very annoying.

as of 07/20/2020, I verify that on my system, teams connect with 100% volume on every call, and still the only way to change volume is to change every instance of Teams showing up on the advanced win10 Sound system setting.  hardware volume button doesn't work, and Teams software volume control does nothing.

and I am using "Teams approved" headset.


This is ridiculous.