Voicemail greeting doesn't play when time before redirecting is greater than 10 seconds

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If I configure `Ring for this many seconds before redirecting` to anything greater than 10 seconds, the voicemail greeting does not play.  If set to 20s/30s/40s/etc., if the called party does not answer, no greeting is audible although a media is active towards MS and a message can be left.  


When set to 10 seconds, there is a reinvite from Microsoft approximately 1 second after answer.

When set to 20 seconds, no subsequent reinvite is received.


Has anyone else seen this behavior?



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@ameltonUniVoIP Do you use native teams calling or via a provider? And does everyone have this issue?



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We are using Direct Routing with a Ribbon SBC. If the called Teams user let's the call continue to ring-no-answer, MS transfers/forwards the call to voicemail and then rejects the call with a 488.

Most of the time, the q.850 reason is "REASON: Q.850;cause=79;text="364514c7-60b9-4d40-b7da-b64d04fbbd99;GetAnswer called on shutdown/shutting down user"

We can reproduce on multiple tenants.