Voicemail configuration


If I in (MS Teams -> Settings -> Calls -> Configure voicemail -> Text-to-speech customized greeting option) type a custom greeting and click OK, the new settings are activated.

But if I open the Configure voicemail settings again, I don't see the custom greeting I just typed.

I tried with Windows client v1.4.00.29469 and from https://teams.microsoft.com, same result

is this a known error?

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Bei mir(uns) dasselbe Problem

@Claus-Ole Olsen 

Hello, we have the same problem, Voicemail configuration cannot be saved.

According to Microsoft this is by design.
MS Teams assumes you want to create a new setting. That is why it shows it's default settings each time you relaunch the page.
is this an official statement from Microsoft?
My customer reported the problem to Microsoft and that was the answer that came back.