Viva connection : this apps is not setup



I want to setup viva connection on my tenant but when i click on the viva icon i see this error


this is what i did :

* Configure a Hub 

* Define as the HomeSite 


In teams 

* modify the viva connection apps with my settings



* Add a setup policy to display the apps to a few people in the organisation


After 24 hours, the app showed up in teams but if i click on it i have the error that i have describe at the beginning of this thread.

However, if i click on the icon, the global navigation open and if i click on Site hub Officiel, the site show up. 



Do you have an idea where this behavior come from ?



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Seems to be something buggy in your environment. Best you can do here is to open a support ticket since setting up Viva Connections is quite straightforward as you well have described
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@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Finally, i found the answer.
Need to go the settings in SharePoint admin center. Then i click on homepage and paste the url of the hub site




I found the answer here. 

sharepoint online - Home Site is missing Global Navigation - SharePoint Stack Exchange


Thanks for the quick reply the problem was you have not defined the site as Home site. I haven't noted that from your initial message, but glad you sorted out