Visual voicemail for Microsoft Teams Shared Devices license

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We have some users having Microsoft Teams Shared Devices license. They have got voicemail enabled, but they don't receive a voicemail on their Teams app. However they receive voicemail over email in Outlook.

We have tested it on SIP device, Teams device and Teams client and behavior is same.

This issue is not experienced by users having E3 or E5 license. Visual voicemail should be working for Microsoft Teams Shared Device license as per the following document:


We get the below warning when we try to perform a test at

Checking if the user has messages in their Outlook Voicemail Search folder.
No voicemail messages were found in the user's Outlook Voicemail Search folder. Please save these results and share them with your administrators and refer to this documentation for next steps in Symptom 2 of:
What additional steps we need to take in order to make visual voicemail work on Teams for users having Microsoft Teams Shared Devices license?
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Need to understand your step up. But if you are looking for a Visual Voicemail for a Teams Shared device on SIP enabled phones via SIP Gateway this feature isn't supported on SIP Gateway at the moment. Nothing is available on the Microsoft Roadmap for supporting the same.

Can you validate if the users can have the visual voicemail on the Mobile Application with the Shared Device license?

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