Visible indicator of a team's privacy setting?

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We've had a rash of cases recently where users uploaded partially sensitive content to public Teams, no knowing that they were public. I seem to recall there used to be an icon or text label visible in the "tab bar" of a team that indicated whether it was "private" or "public". If that did exist in the past, it doesn't now in any of the tenants to which I have access. The only ways to know if a team is public from the Teams app are

  • Option 1 - go to the Manage teams screen (which the vast majority of users don't even know exists)
  • Option 2 - [if you're an owner] edit the team

At a minimum, it seems like this information should be clearly visible from the Files tab and also in the "Information" panel for the team.

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If you assign a Label to the Team, it will be visible in the top right corner. Moreover, you can control certain aspects of the Teams experience when assigning labels.
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