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Since I returned from vacation this past Monday, June 21st, I have had to reset my virtual background every morning. Why does my background keep turning off? I have always shut down my laptop at the end of each day and this was never a problem. I don't notice until I receive or make a call on Teams. I work from home and need the background on before I make or receive a call. This is a work account but it isn't happening to any other of my team members.

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Try this

Before you start your next meeting - in the pre-join screen, turn the camera on and then set the custom background on. Start the meeting. I am pretty sure that when you set it in the pre-join screen Teams caches your settings for the subsequent meetings you do.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard That has been my experience too.  If I change a background while in the meeting it doesn't save it but if I do it before I join a meeting, then it saves it.