Viewing group chat history when not in the chat

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I join a group chat every morning about 2 hours after it started.  This is on my calendar as a reoccurring meeting.  I would like to see what was said during those 2 hours I am not there, but I am only able to see current chats after I join.  Is there a setting that allows me to see everything?  Even if I'm not in the chat?

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I believe you are referring to the chat conversation of a scheduled meeting,

so here are 2 possible solutions -

1 - if that is only a chat session would prefer creating a group chat will be the best option.

2 - if this is a scheduled meeting group chat, you need to be added to the chat section ask one of the members/participants of the meeting or the scheduler to add you to the chat.

@pdester I agree. I had this experience for the first time today with one meeting. I also looked a different optional scheduled event with many invited participants who may have been looking for the chat or a recording. How I know that? Well if I get prompted to join a meeting just to have access to the chat then that would explain why I see a long list of chat indicators that look like the following after the meeting completed.

2021-08-06 4:07 a.m. Meeting ended: 8s

People are just joining hoping they can get a recording or perhaps more helpful links in the chat!

So I definitely think this use case could use an improvement.