Viewing channel calendars in Outlook

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Is there a method by which our organization can view individual as well as a combined view of Teams channel calendars in Outlook?


In other words, we'd like to be able to see our own personal Outlook calendar, as well as the ability to turn on or off group calendars for each of the 

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A channel calendar is really not a calendar of it's own but a filtered calendar based on the Group calendar that is created for every team. This can be added to Outlook, but by default hidden. you need to use Powershell to make this group calendar visible in outlook. And remeber this one will show events created in all channels of the team.The channel calender which you can add as a tab just use this calender and a filter to just shoe the events of that channel..
Here's a guide to what you need to do:

Connect to Exchange Powershell module and run the following command:
Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity MyTeam -HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled:$False

An example guide here:

Official doc:


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Thanks very much. Don't think I want to have people mess with Powershell.


I'm wondering if I could create a new Sharepoint calendar for each channel and link it via a new tab in the channel. Then people could choose to connect the calendar to Outlook to see that specific calendar. At least seems doable in theory.

That's one way of doing it. Although, keep in mind that setting this in powershell once per team will make it visible in Outlook for all members of that team

@adam deltinger OK, we went ahead and made the Powershell tweak.  The downside I see now is that all of the team events are now in my default Outlook calendar. I was hoping that they would only appear in its own group calendar, keeping my personal calendar clean of the team events.

They shouldn’t be! Check if you have the calendar overlapsed! Uncheck the group calendar in the left rail

@adam deltinger It seems that Outlook doesn't understand the granularity of channels. I just get a Group in Outlook representing the Team that we did the Powershell tweak for. No way to break out the individual channels into different calendars.

Yes! That is true! Channels don’t have calendars! What the calendar tab does in teams is to filter based on events in the group calendar! So, there’s only one and in Outlook there’s no such filtering

@adam deltinger Yeah, I hope that Outlook adds such a filter some day.

@adam deltinger @skb5525 Can you advise that once the Powershell script ran and you could see the channel calendar in Outlook...did it allow you to add an event in the Outlook version and does it appear on the Teams calendar? Is it a two-way sync?

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Since I am a dummy, could you please tell me what should be changed in this code? name of team i suppose should be given in "", but which one is it exactly? The one displeied in MS Teams ad Channel name? 

In this intial code to run connection to exchange - anything to be changed or just executed?


Thanks so much in advance!

I know this is an old thread but I found it helpful today. How will this handle Private Channels in a Team? Will all TEAM members be able to see ALL Channel Calendar events? Or, will the Priv Channel members only see the private channel calendar events?

There are no channel calendar in a private group. If you want to handle a channel calendar for group availability or to track something else, you could create a list, use the 'Calendar' View (create a new view and set it as the default). This is the closest way to get something. But this calendar will have nothing related to any 'Teams meeting' organised within your private group.