Viewing a calendar in Teams without merging your own calendar

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Hi There


I am trying to insert a calendar on a newly created Teams site that the members would be able to view. The context is the following:


  • We have some team members (managerial) that want to see scheduled meeting activity in a calendar. 
  • I have used a generic outlook account that gets "invited" to all sessions/meetings to show in its calendar.
  • I then wanted to use this Generic Outlook account web calendar link to copy it over to Teams - added the "website" tab and pasted the url link. 
  • When wanting to go in and view calendar - it asks for my login credentials and then goes on to show the pasted calendar as well as my own calendar all merged. 

I want to be able to view the calendar without my own calendar entries in there as well. Just the entries/calendar invited that are scheduled for that generic calendar that I copied over. 


How do I do this?  :sad:



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Do you need a whole calendar interface. There’s also an option to use the group calendar together with the calendar webpart. I use a SharePoint tab in the Team and on that page I add the Group calendar webpart.

There’s several ways you can do this for example use a SharePoint calendar instead, build your own application with calendar integration or use existing apps. Also Microsoft recently announced on uservoice that they are working on a better group calendar experience.




The way I have done this before is to publish the calendar in Outlook web view and get the web URL. Then use that web URL in a website tab. 


Go to Outlook in Microsoft 365 -> Settings cog top right -> View all Outlook Settings(at the bottom of the panel) -> Calendar -> Shared Calendars.  Publish and copy the link. 


It has been about a year since I last used this but not had any feedback that its not working for the customer still. The option looks to be there on my own calendar.