View unfiltered team calendar?

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Hi, all. The per-channel calendar is working out great for our work and vendor management needs. I understand that each channel calendar is a filtered view of a larger calendar for the entire team.


My question: Is there a way to view that larger calendar and show the channel calendars overlaid on each other? This would be helpful from a supervisory position to help manage (or prevent) overlapped work and otherwise get a dashboard-like view of all work going on.



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Hello, 1. Yes, that's correct. 2. You can go to the underlying M365 group calendar (this will show all meetings for the group mailbox/calendar). One way to get there is to select "Open in SharePoint" from Teams followed by 'Conversations' and then select the calendar.

Adding a great piece on the topic. Note the comments below with Q&A!
Thanks for the quick reply. When I click on "Conversations", it takes me to my Outlook inbox. I may need to get our enterprise IT folks involved, but just figured if it's all one calendar, there's a place to see the full view. Thanks again!
When you end up in "conversations" you need to select the group calendar icon. You can also open it up from your Outlook client calendar view - Groups (if not hidden from your client).
Ah, looks like their group visibility policy has changed--my group/team was one of the first created in this deployment, so it's in a hidden status (recently created groups show in, well, Groups). Will continue on this end. Do appreciate it!