View Teams and Chat in the same Left List View like Slack does?


We are a large organization that has switched from Slack to Teams and are having a challenge that Chat and Teams are entirely separate in the view.

Is there a way to add a PREFERENCE to "show Chat threads inside of Teams view? for us who want it?

We have Teams on the left in Teams View and the channels within it but if we want to chat with individual users privately outside our team channels we have to go to a separate "chat" section entirely.  This is meaning that people are missing important posts and if they are in Teams they are missing meeting chats.

In Slack it had the Teams at the top with a toggle and the Chat.

This is what I want Teams to look like. We can pin Chats OR Channels in the same place.

 View Teams and Chat.jpg

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No this is not possible! Got request post this here:

First off you can open chats in a new window and also use the command bar to start new chats etc without leaving the teams tab! Also regarding not missing chats there should be notifications! Also users can customize these further to fit their needs.