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Me and my small team of 3 are using Planner within Teams to assign Tasks and Projects.


I have figured out that, by hitting the ellipses and selecting Planner I can view My Tasks. However I have not figured out how to view the tasks assigned to my team members.


I am assuming this is possible or what is the point of Planner?



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@SeanS - add the Planner as a tab on one of your Team channels and then you can see everything. Alternatively, in Office 365, you can click on the app launcher and go to all your Planners that way and see all tasks.

Clicking the ellipsis and then planner will show you all your plans and tasks from them! Inside any certain plan you can sort and filter on the plan members assigned tasks along with other things..
There is no way of seing your team members tasks in other plans! Just the ones you yourself are member of! And then you see them inside the plan as mentioned above

So no way to view ALL TASKS and assigned users on one screen?



You can only see the tasks within the plan for that specific Teams team. In case "User B" is part of another Team you can not see his tasks from that team in your planner. It´s like a Board only hanging in your Teams own meeting room, metaphorically speaking.


OK I understand the 'Team Room' analogy but as the person assigning tasks I should be able to see a one-screen summary of all tasks I have assigned and who they are assigned to.

Up in the right corner you can sort on “assigned to” you will get a view with all people in the team and the tasks they have been assigned! There’s no view of tasks that you specifically has assigned to people

@adam deltinger


Thanks but which screen is the 'assigned to' on? 

Also if you on the upper left choose diagram view you can here also see all members and how many tasks they are assigned to

@adam deltinger thanks but still unclear which screen you are referring to

Check the upper right of the planner screen! There’s a filter and group by column! Choose “group by” assigned to

@adam deltinger thanks, I understand now. Although I still have to click on each individual plan one at a  time.


I maintain that some sort of Dashboard overview would be more efficient and helpful.

Yeah! I agree! Not from a person perspective seeing everyone else’s work not related to you but in a project managing and status perspective

@adam deltinger Exactly. It's a little ironic that Microsoft Teams/Planner does not allow you to monitor the status of your Team's work.

You can definitely do this with the options I described earlier! But there’s not an built in overview of many plans!
If you have a team and want this, try to build a plan that suits everyone’s need when setting up buckets etc! If you are using only one , it’s easier to keep track and see the overall statistics in one shot
Yeah, what Adam said. There is no cross plan capability in Planner, you have to focus into a single plan and it's designed currently for focus task work, not so much project management which you are trying to do. At least not yet. Maybe some day we'll get a full high level view of planner tasks, or at a minimum a high level view over all plans in a group in a single pane.

Yep, agree... Not very useful view options currently.


As a line manager i assign tasks across multiple teams/projects and cannot quickly and easily choose a team member and see all their tasks across multiple projects.


A pain in the a$$ to be quite honest.


Dont even get me started on the lack of template implementation funtion... :(

+1 here.
I have the same scenario.
Want to create plan for each project my team is involved in and would like to see all tasks from all those planse in the same view as "My tasks" but for my Team members.

It would allow me to group by Assigned To/Plan/Date

I was sure the view is possible, it's so obvious.

Thank you for the tips!

My problem now is that the Planner App in the Teams show me my tasks in a form of list. For my colleagues it shows with boards. I would like to make the Planner app in the Teams for my colleagues to be shown in a list form. Do you know how I can make it work?


Thank you@Kelly_Edinger 

I'm curious if anyone has found a solution for this. I'd like to be able to view all tasks assigned to any of my 7 employees across multiple plans that reside in different Teams/Channels. Alternatively, I'd like to be able to view all tasks assigned a specific employee, similar to what you can already do for yourself.