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View my company teams and guest teams in same place?

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Hello - we are a MS Partner and we have consulting engagements with clients that use Teams. I'm curious if we have something set incorrectly.  Here's the annoyance (or config problem we have).



  1. Our company uses Teams.  We have channels setup etc and login using our company email O365 login in Teams.
  2. We have had our clients invite us as guests to their Teams channels using our company email (that matches our internal teams logins.


  • We cannot login to our company teams and see both our channels and the guest channels at the same time in MS Teams.
  • We have to use the drop down to switch between our internal company teams and the guest teams. 

What we'd like to have happen

  •  Login once to Teams. 
  • See both our internal teams and guest teams in one place
  • Get alerts for both our internal teams and guest teams at the same time without having to switch logins.

Anyone else seeing this problem?  Is this something we have set incorrectly?


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That feature, highly requested, is not provided by Teams Today....when you need to access to the Teams where you are a Guet, you have to switch to the tenant where those Teams live
There is a tool that came out recently that adds a wrapper around the web client of Teams and rolls up notifications. I can't think of the name off the top of my head but it worked well. If this is something you want you can look into it, as it makes switching between Teams seamless.

You could also use desktop client for internal, and then web browser tab for your guest tenant as well and just pay attention to your Tenant drop down on desktop client for notifications!

I have looked through 3 pages of top ideas here and haven't found one describing your request. Only one person asked for an ability to login with different accounts at the same time, but that's not what you are asking for. I guess you should post this idea (or search) so people can vote on it and it gets MS attention. I think there might be technical problems to implement this depending on how everything operates in Teams under the hood.

I am doing today for this case is that, I open teams desktop with my tenant. And open a web instance in Edge browser with guest network, I have enabled the notifications for Teams in Edge browser and I can receive the notifications as in desktop.

Yeah, but as a partner topic author might be a guest in many orgs, so it will take a few browsers to keep everything open..

I can understand the case, sometimes I even login in Teams mobile client too with another tenant. There are thousands of users already voted for this feature in Teams UserVoice.

This particular uservoice entry is about an ability to login with different Office 365 accounts into single Teams app at the same time. But this topic's author is only using one Office 365 account, which is invited as a guest to a number of other tenants. So, only one account is in play, but in order to chat using this account with other organizations one has to switch to these organizations using the drop down menu at the top of the Teams app. Which is cumbersome. I have also noticed that notifications not always appear automatically for other orgs unless you reboot Teams. Switching between orgs also sometimes takes 5-10 seconds. It would be more convenient to have teams from other organizations appear with some special indicator in the teams list, or maybe there could be a side panel button for Other teams, etc. I suspect this one could be easier to implement than an option to be logged in with a few accounts at once. Also it could be hard for an app to know which account to use when posting a message.

It would be great to see a feature that allows us to see all Teams and Organizations in a single view. Lack of this ability often drives us to using our phone's SMS text or competitor apps, rather than Teams to get our messaging done. I would really like doing all of my business communication in Teams. @Tom Moore 

Unfortunately Teams Connect has been pushed forward (now November) but I reckon this will provide that functionality