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I'm in a large company.  At any time we have several teams, conversations, documents sharing all at once in different channels.  Sometimes there can be so many people working on one thing, it gets a little crazy.


I want to be able to see a list of anywhere I've been @mentioned anywhere in teams.  


In my activity, I can filter by @mentions, but it doesn't include anywhere I've been mentioned in a document.  


At the end of a day, or if I've been in a meeting, sometimes I've been mentioned enough times it's confusing to go through and figure out where they all are and make sure I've responded to all.   Does anyone know of a way to see an easy list of all @mentions anywhere on teams so I can go through and make sure everything is answered both in chats and documents?

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@RebeccaJN If You want to see where you have been mentioned, in both Teams and Documents, my best bet is that you will see it in your inbox. 





@MagnusGoksoyrOLDProfile  I no longer have the email notification of someone @mentioning me.... is there a way inside teams i can see a list of all of my mentions??

@wendy1000 You should be able to find it here: Activity.png

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@MagnusGoksoyrOLDProfile   thanks!  i also found that searching for /mentions isolates just the items i wanted!

"/mention" is the only search that worked for me in teams. Searching for "@mention" never returned anything, and just went to the apps page.