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We have 8 people on a daily video meeting in Teams.


Default setup gives 3 or 4 video screens and then rest only appear as small icons in the bottom corner. We need it so all 8 can be seen with the member speaking being a larger window and the others still visible in video, but in smaller tiles. (similar to how it looks in Zoom)


Is it possible to reconfigure settings?

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I am having this same problem.  Any advice is appreciated.  


@MartiH @Haleym Do you use the desktop client? If not download that and install.

Hello!  I was actually asked this by a co-worker and I have reached out to him, but I am 99% sure it was the desktop client.  The person speaking was large, with the others across the bottom of the screen.  @Linus Cansby 



We are experiencing same problem but it seems geographically determined. For participants in the same building they can see everyone. Participants on the other side of the country can only see the current speaker. Seems to be a bandwidth throttling by Microsoft to handle the COVID driven overload. 

f you use desktop client it will show 4 users, on the web browser is shows only 1 @M_SAN04 

@MartiH Have them try switching to full screen

@Linus Cansby We use MS Teams to communicate with a whole classroom now, and I can't imagine this will disappear post-epidemic. What features are in the making to facilitate 32 students and a teacher?

This is what I was looking for. any idea when is this feature getting added?

Microsoft, get this going soon please. A lot of people are moving to Zoom for this functionality.


I too would like to see the real estate on my 27 inch monitor better leveraged w/ teams.  Why not offer a large centered window for the speaker, surrounded by participants in smaller video views.  The surrounding participant count could be sized  based on the number of attendees (even if they are sitting in a 1in by 1in square).  

Completely agree this needs adding ASAP. The team are seeing the benefits of Teams with the new remote working and we will likely continue this practice, but I've just been asked to purchase a few zoom licenses as we want some rooms/ calls to be able to see everyone. I really do not want to start to promote use of it as it will undo all the work we have done on user adoption and the combined features of our O365 suite. This there Microsoft development feature request where this can be updated?
This is something major for me which is missing in Teams at the moment. With larger audiences, it becomes really difficult to facilitate if you can only see four people at a time. Nine will improve things, but it would be great to be able to see most people. Visual feedback is much quicker to get and much more engaging than asking a question and getting no response and not being clear on whether that is due to lack of understanding, inability to find the mute button or just lack of engagement.

@Mulder00 it’s pretty critical for us as an organisation at the moment, all of the hard work we have put in to persuading people to,utilise 365 to its extent are being flushed away as zoom has the one functionality that they all want 

We learned ours is an issue due we the chromebooks. Our school gave us chromebooks see they we not allow us to see all four in the chat, only whoever is speaking and everyone else as an initial along the bottom. Anyone know if this will be fixed?

@Linus Cansby 

when is this 3x3 view coming?

my organisation loves teams but this one issue of # videos displayed is making many switch to Zoom

@M_SAN04 following, we have a staff of 18 and I have also seen the mention of this 3x3 for a year. Hoping to see that and more. Really hoping for more zoom like function. 

I agree.  I'm assisting teachers using Teams, and teachers have told me that they would like to see all students in their classes.  And, yes, that could be 25-30 students.

@M_SAN04 any news on this? I have dozens of angry User's gathering with their pitchforks and firebrands screaming for us to ditch Teams and use Zoom. For the love of all that is holy Microsoft, please can you fast-track this feature so I can work on other things.

@M_SAN04What a terrible limitation! We too are rapidly losing entire departments to Zoom even when we tell them that we will not support the software. Microsoft are swiftly losing their competitive edge with this feature!

@Dan Holme  and @Mark Kashman perhaps you could shed some light on this feature?