Videoconferences from different devices


I have found that I can enter the same video conference session using different devices using my own credentials. Is there an option so that each participant can only enter from a single device?

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No such option afaik.

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I think there is no option to turn it off, the bigger question however is, would you want to turn it off ? Here is a use case explaining why this could be a good thing :'r...



@harveer singh Ok, after reading the article I understand why more than one device can be used in a video conference.
I am trying to implement proctoring measures to take care of an exam and that option gives the student the opportunity to send the link of the exam to another person who could enter from another device and take the exam posing as the student.
Any idea how to solve this situation?

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You might want to look at conditional access policies in that case (additional license requirements), this would allow you to control teams access only from registered devices. Here is a link for better understanding :




Thanks again for the information