Video won't open in Streams. Help?

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Hello everyone.


I have just recorded a video on Teams which I need to save to my device. When I try to open in Microsoft Stream, it comes up with the screen below. Does anyone know a fix for this or if there's another way of saving, please? Thanks. Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 17.26.30.png

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@JonathanP980 Hi, does the meeting recording link show up in the meeting chat? Or was this a channel meeting recording? (link in the channel conversation). Do you get the message when clicking on the recording link or when you're going directly to Stream? As the message says it seems like it's no longer available and perhaps you need to raise a support ticket if you know that is not the case. Reach out to your admin for assistance and more info, perhaps you're about to use OneDrive/SharePoint as the new storage location and it has something to do with that.